Meet an adviser from your computer or tablet

You are an expatriate and you want to meet an adviser because:

  • you want to become a member of Business & Expats Health insurance
  • you want to take out hospitalisation or dental insurance
  • you have questions about your health insurance provider file
  • you are about to have or have just had a child
  • you are covered by the arrangements for incapacity for work
  • you are going abroad permanently
Thanks to our new video call service, you no longer need to travel to an agency to benefit from the services of Business & Expats Health insurance advisers. Your appointment takes place as a video chat from your computer or tablet, with of course the same level of quality and service as that provided in the agency.

How to benefit from a video call?

What equipment?

For your video call interview, you need a computer or tablet:

  • equipped with a camera and a microphone that work properly
  • with a Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Edge Chromium browser.

How to make your appointment

  1. Choose the time that suits you for your video call
  2. Book an appointment
  3. Receive a confirmation email with the link for your video call and mentioning the documents to have on hand during your appointment
  4. At the time of the appointment, click the link included in the confirmation email: your Business & Expats Health insurance adviser is there on video to help you!