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Business & Expats Health insurance

Expat in Belgium? Be covered by Belgian social security!

Not sure what steps to take to be covered by Belgian social security as an expat? Business & Expats Health Insurance takes care of everything.

What is a mutual insurance company in Belgium?

In Belgium, a “mutual insurance company” refers to the body responsible for reimbursing your healthcare expenses and paying benefits in the event of incapacity for work.

Why do you need to register with the mutual insurance company?

Unlike some countries, registration with a Belgian mutual insurance company is not automatic. You have to register yourself. Only once you are registered can you receive reimbursement for your healthcare expenses or benefits if you are sick.

Business & Expats Health Insurance takes care of everything!

We take care of expats in Belgium and support them step by step in all their health-related procedures. Thanks to a team of experts in the social protection of foreigners on Belgian soil, you are sure to be well covered in case of health concerns, accidents, hospitalisation or maternity, for example.

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