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In Belgium, the mutual insurance companies reimburse most of the costs based on the amounts set by the INAMI/RIZIV. You will only be billed for the remaining amount of hospital and medical expenses. These costs vary depending on the hospital and the doctor and even - within the same hospital - depending on the visit.

The costs of hospitalisation may vary depending on the doctor’s status (whether or not he/she has signed up to the national agreement on fees and reimbursements) and the type of room you choose. Please be aware that:

  • two-bed rooms and communal rooms do not incur additional charges
  • a private room results in additional costs (even if the doctor is 'conventioned')

Please present your identity card (Belgian identity card, residency card or diplomatic card) at the hospital reception. The hospital will then send the costs covered by the compulsory insurance directly to your public health insurance provider.

You will receive an invoice from the hospital for costs not covered by compulsory insurance. You can then request reimbursement of the invoice from your private  insurance.

Don't have private insurance yet? We can offer you our hospitalisation insurance product: Hospitalia.

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