Whether or not you are entitled to a replacement income depends on your personal situation as certain conditions.

Inability to work

If you are unable to work, your health insurance will only pay you a replacement income if you have contributed to the Belgian social security system over the last 12 months (six in the event of pregnancy). Please note that if you have contributed to another European system and possess a valid E104 form, it is possible that the waiting time may be eliminated.

If you have just graduated or if you were employed in a different European country, the waiting time may in some cases be eliminated and you can immediately receive a replacement income in the event of illness, accident or pregnancy.

Maternity/paternity leave

Maternity leave in Belgium lasts 15 weeks for employees and 12 weeks for the self-employed. This period may vary in some cases (multiple births, hospitalisation of the baby).

Paternity leave in Belgium lasts a maximum of 15 days (only for employees).

Send us the birth certificate issued by the Belgian town hall as soon as possible to receive a replacement income for your maternity or paternity leave.

If you pay into a different social security system, you must contact the concerned institution of that country.

For more information, please contact us.

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