It is possible that you might require urgent medical treatment or even hospitalisation while you are abroad. Your public health insurance provider will reimburse some of these costs under certain conditions.

The health system (doctors, hospitals etc.) may vary from one EU country to another. With our health insurance, you can receive assistance in the event of an emergency in the EU via the 'Mediphone Assist' centre which is open 24/7 on T. +32 2 778 94 94. Call them as soon as possible so they can guide you, and always make sure you have your European health insurance card (EHIC) when you travel abroad.

Order your European health insurance card via MyPartena, your online desk, or by calling the service centre.

Urgent and unforeseen medical costs outside of the EU may apply under certain conditions.

Always contact your health insurance provider for information before you leave.

Please note that a reimbursement will be made only if the urgent/unforseen medical treatment is provided through the public health system.

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