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You can receive healthcare reimbursements in both countries, but you need to follow specific administrative procedures to do so.

What social security procedures do you need to follow when you're a cross-border worker?

The basic rule:

The country where you work is your reference country in terms of social security because contributions are usually (but not always!) deducted there directly from your salary.

Starting work abroad while living in Belgium? Belgium is no longer competent with regard to social security, and you will therefore have to follow some procedures and notably contact the relevant organisations.

Here are the procedures you need to follow:

  1. Register with the social security organisation of the country where you are working (in some countries, this registration is sometimes carried out automatically via the employer).
  2. Once your registration has been confirmed, the organisation will provide you with a European convention document specific to cross-border workers. This is document S1.
  3. With this document S1, you can re-register with a Belgian mutual insurance company under this new status as a cross-border worker.

Special circumstance:

If you work in Luxembourg, document S1 is replaced by document BL1

Are you in the opposite situation? Find out what procedures you need to follow if you work in Belgium and live abroad.

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Belgians working abroad and mutual insurance

All the procedures you need to follow with the mutual insurance company if you live in Belgium and work abroad.